Investment Opportunties

MAD Z Productions is currently accepting outside investment capital to finance their current film project "Die Sluts, Die!"
The projected budget for the film is $50,00.00. Twenty (20) limited partnership interests are being offered, at a minimum investment of $2,500.00.


Guaranteed distribution through Maxim Media International. One of the top horror distribution companies in the world
has agreed to distribute the film
in the worldwide DVD market. View the Letter of Intent from Maxim Media here.

About MAD Z Productions: MAD Z Productions is a small, independent video/film production company based in
Easthampton, Mass. Formed in 2003 by writer-director David Zagorski, MAD Z Productions specializes in low budget movies
and television projects.

For more information Please contact our investor relations department at: or to view the
Business Plan click
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Brief Project Synopsis

In the vein of classic 80's slasher films such as "Friday the 13th", "Sleepaway Camp" and others, "DSD" tells the story
of a group of sex crazed friends on a weekend getaway who are murdered in unusual and creative ways by a masked killer.

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Massachusetts Film Tax Credits

Under the film tax credit law (signed by Governor Mitt Romney in 2005 and significantly upgraded by Governor Deval Patrick in 2007) studios, producers and filmmakers-who either shoot at least half of their movie or spend at least half of their production budget in the Commonwealth-are eligible for a tax credit equal to 25 cents for every new dollar of spending they bring to Massachusetts.

Also, beginning with the start of pre-production and continuing for a period of 12 months, filmmakers will be eligible for
100% sales tax exemption on any production related items purchased in the state. See more information at:







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