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     The Devil's Nightmare is now available on DVD!

    Now you can own the Devil's Nightmare on DVD!
    Price is just $10 (plus $2.95 shipping/handling) and can be ordered
    here !



    A remake of Jean Brismee's Belgian/Italian film from 1971 (not released in America until 1974 and alternately titled "La plus longue nuit du diable", "Castle of Death", "La terrificante notte del demonio" and "Succubus"),
    "The Devil's Nightmare" is once again written and directed by Dave Zagorski. Regular MAD Z players Johnny Donaldson, Kt Baldassaro, Colin Allen, Ray Hryb, Dina Baker and Chris Shanahan (all encoring from "Killing Brooke") return, alongside newcomer Camee Manderfield in this gory tale of demonic temptation and terror. Jared Skolnick, an award-winning director in his own right (for his short H.P. Lovecraft adaptation The Music of Erich Zann), reprises cinematographer duties from Killing Brooke, shooting on the Canon EOS 7D.


    The original Devil's Nightmare starred flame-haired Italian screen goddess Erika Blanc (best known for her role in Mario Bava's classic ghost story "Kill Baby, Kill!") as an evil succubus preying on a group of traveler's stranded at a remote castle owned by a cursed baron. Presaging David Fincher's "Se7en" by over two decades, Blanc killed each unlucky traveler in accordance to one of the seven deadly sins. This new Nightmare will retain the sinful focus, but modernizes the story by updating the locale to an experimental rehab facility where people's addictions will become the end of them.


    Dr. Henry Rhoneberg (Shanahan) has developed an experimental technique to completely cure people of the vices that rule their lives and has gathered a motley assortment of addicts - from an easily angered alcoholic to a rock star with a love for excess (is there any other kind?) - to a remote facility for treatment. No sooner does the group settle in before interpersonal relationships begin to conflict, people fall into bed, a mysterious stranger arrives at the door...and then the killing starts...

    In an effort to bring a higher profile to the project, MAD Z Productions has enlisted the veteran indie scream queens Seregon O'Dassey ("Cleric", "Ghost Watcher 2") and Devanny Pinn ("The Black Dahlia Haunting", "Nude Nuns with Big Guns").



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