The Devil's Nightmare

                 $10 (plus $2.95 s/h)
 Bonus features include: Blooper reel, trailers and Colin Allen's
 Video Diaries: behind the scenes making of the Devil's Nightmare





            Killing Brooke
$10 (plus $2.95 s/h)
Bonus features include: Audio Commentary, blooper reel, trailers and Colin Allen's Video Diaries: behind the scenes making of Killing Brooke

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Two Pack Special!
Order BOTH Killing Brooke AND Devil's Nightmare
together for one low price!
$18 (plus $4.50 s/h)





kin Deep (short)
        $6.50 (plus $2.50 s/h)

 Bonus features include: Blooper reel and trailers 








 Roommates (short)
   $6.50 (plus $2.50 s/h)

 Bonus features include: Blood/Lust Trailer







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