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Killing Brooke

DIR: David Zagorski

CAST: Alex Fandel, Colin Allen
Kt Baldassaro, Dina Baker,

Ray Hryb, Johnny Donaldson 

Free-spirited party girl Brooke Porter and her wife Chloe are celebrating  their recent wedding when they meet Vance, a handsome, lady-killing driffter at a bar. But a drunken night of debauchery will lead them all down the road to terror. Pursued by a vicious, psychopathic madman, Brooke is propelled into a struggle for survival, one that will push her to the limits physically and emotionally...




 The Devil's Nightmare

DIR: David Zagorski

CAST: Seregon O'Dassey, Colin Allen, Devanny Pinn,
Kt Baldassaro, Dina Baker, Ray Hryb, Chris Shanahan,
Johnny Donaldson, Lana Orlova, Camee Manderfield,
Ryan McCarthy, Rick Martin

Dr. Henry Rhoneberg has developed an experimental technique to completely cure people of the vices that rule their lives and has gathered a motley assortment of addicts  to a remote facility for treatment. No sooner does the group settle in before interpersonal relationships begin to conflict, people fall into bed, a mysterious stranger arrives at the door…and then the killing starts…




Skin Deep

DIR: David Zagorski

CAST: Sarah Michelle, Colin Allen, 
Chris Shanahan

A self-absorbed, looks-obsessed model encounters a mysterious box and soon realizes that sometimes beauty is only skin deep.



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