Who is Koko Blayze?

Koko Blayze is a 16 year old girl, who attends Dagon Academy, a private school. When she is bitten by a vampire, it awakens in her a latent ability to kick demonic ass. The story takes place in the fictional town of Stoker, MA, a Gothic, Salem-like setting teeming with hordes of the undead and demonic forces, the results of an ancient curse placed upon the town when it was settled. When settlers came upon the land and ran off the original inhabitants in order to colonize, the originals placed a curse upon the town that it be forever overrun with evil, in hopes that the town wouldn’t survive. A priest and several others of power put a protection "bubble" over the town to keep evil to a minimum if not out completely. But the bubble has been wearing thin over time and Koko's "rebirth" causes an anomaly, ripping a hole in it, allowing the dark forces entry. A semi-dark, semi-camp story with lots of blood, foul language, etc. Koko Blayze: Undead Killer is unlike anything you've seen before: part live action web series, part comic book.

This will be an ongoing webseries, so a long term commitment is expected.

Main Available Roles:

Sebastian: An ally/mentor for Koko. He trains her. He's a combination of Gambit from X-Men, Casey Jones from TMNT and Christian Slater. Dark, mysterious, ruggedly handsome, bad ass. He wields a spiked baseball bat that can split apart, attached by a wire (similar to Daredevil's walking stick/nunchucks) so he can bash evil in the face from a distance. Seeking a Steven Amell type actor, mid 20's to 30's, athletic and well built but not overly muscular.

Lila:  Another ally of Koko's. She's a witch-in-training, but lacks self confidence and as such tends to screw up her spells. Seeking an actress between 19 and 25.

Tanner Gates: (between 35-50) Leader of the Elder Council, a group of 5 descendants of the original settlers who keep watch over the town, ensuring the protection of its inhabitants. Tanner is a high powered attorney.  Good looking, well dressed but not sleazy.

Mathilda: A former model, who rebuffed the advances of the vile Creepshow. He became enraged and kidnapped her, tortured her, abused her, and tragically disfigured part of her face. She now conceals part of her face with her long hair. She has also gone completely bat shit insane as a result of her time with him.  Seeking an actress 5'7 or taller, mid to late 20's. Comfortable with nudity.


We are also looking for actors of all types for minor roles, especially demons, vampires, monsters of all kinds! Must be able to withstand a long makeup process, have no latex allergy and don't mind being covered in blood/slime!


We are also looking for writers and artists to handle the comic book aspect of the series, and punk rock bands (especially female fronted) to contribute to the soundtrack.

All inquiries should include headshots or art /music samples. casting@madzproductions.com 

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